Victoria Le Aelius


by Allison Pyburn

There is only one truth in Life, and that is the truth of creation itself. Every human being is endowed with creative ability. The extent to which you consciously create, is the extent to which you know your-self.


Your self is your I.


Your I is your lineage.


Your beliefs, are your power.


And your power, is your own.

We live within a series of constellations, beginning with one story and ending with one story, forever altered. The lineage, our lineage, begins like this:


I Am.

I Am (infinite possibilities).

Among the infinite possibilities is the following:

I Am separate. 

I Am separate because I Am (infinite possibilities) 

Human consciousness is akin to a tree, with many branches, many constellations. 

One of those branches fell into the experience of separation. Every subsequent branch would experience the Fall from the Garden of Eden, or the Fall from Grace, or the experience of the Fallen Angels.

Angels, after all, are angles of consciousness. These angles of consciousness form our experience of reality at every level. 

Our experience of reality, is the result of our collective beliefs and perception of those beliefs. The beliefs are stored within our DNA and passed from generation to generation. Within the fallen collective of separation, the beliefs are traumatic and held within the body, or subconscious. 

When we 'wake up' to a belief, we are re-membering our power to shift or alter the thought which once played a part in our experience of reality. Since the inception of human consciousness, humanity has lived within the collective of separation. This singular and collective belief formed every conceivable system or pattern of actions rooted in logic, or duality. 

We no longer live in a two-dimensional reality.


We are shifting.


Our stories are shifting.


Our systems are shifting.

I founded Victoria Le Aelius as an advisory to assist groups and individuals at this time of monumental change. Often, when we experience the comfort of knowing where we are headed -- and why we are heading there -- transformation feels empowering and exciting.


Have you ever shifted the lens on a kaleidoscope in order to reveal a new color or series of colors displayed in a new pattern? This is a perfect example of the shift humanity and the planet are moving through now, as a single co-creative being. The universe exists as a constantly evolving, close-looped toroidal field. That which empowers continual evolution, is the geometric pattern that exists within a torus field. It is the shifting between patterns which empowers toroidal flow. Flow is vital to life. In other sentient experiences, the shift between patterns,  or ages, meant death. Humanity was uniquely designed to transform as a co-creator with planetary evolution. 

In other words, this is not Armageddon.


Rather, the formation and experience of the very fabric of consciousness which made up our collective and individual stories, is morphing before our eyes. We are unplugging from a single story that powered our experience of Life, to-date. Now that we are becoming enlightened to the old story, it is our opportunity to re-write it. 

The manner in which we apply our energy is an eco-system or eco-nomy. As we awaken to a reality beyond judgment, duality and debts, our economy shifts. Right now, we are transitioning to an economy of healing, on every level.

It is how you direct your energy.




We are transitioning to an 'organic' economic system which operates with or without money. In other words, money is not the motivation for our actions. 

Think back to the last time you were in nature. Was anyone directing the plants to grow? Was anyone commanding the birds to migrate, the flowers to bloom?

Human beings are a part of nature, too. Just like bees in a hive, we each have a unique function that we innately enjoy. Each and every one of us are so important to the whole. 

Life is actually very simple.

What is an economy?



Inorganic economic systems -- those which must be taught -- rely upon control and intermittent reward. 


We can get so caught up in seeking that reward -- that upfront gain -- that we forget who we really are. We forget, that we are one with the Earth and one another. It is in the haze of this forgetfulness that separation blooms. We can get caught up in a karmic cycle, trying to achieve parity of perceived debts and credits.


Lifetime after lifetime. 

The truth is, that we can step off of this wheel at any time. The deceit and degradation of this Earth that we are experiencing, is merely a reflection of many lifetimes of denying our bodies.


Organic economic systems are self-empowered. In this way, we are the issuers of our own unique currency. Currency, is the energy which runs through our bodies. It is what lights us up. And we are each wired differently.

What lights you up?

That which lights you up -- that spark of inspiration -- is literally energy routing through your body. It is your own life force energy. 

In this way, your body is your own ecosystem or micro-economy. Tending to the needs of your own ecosystem ignites your unique contribution to the greater whole. 

Me, Allison, I am inspired about telling the story of how we got here, into this game called Life. 

And what is next. I would love to guide you on your journey as a business or individual.

Don't worry. It's still Life. We are just graduating to a new level.