We live within a series of constellations, inherited from the very inception point of consciousness. Constellations are the frames which crystallize our experience of reality. These impressions shape every aspect of our reality experience and are passed from generation-to-generation through DNA. Because we all share a common lineage, stories are collectively experienced and individually perceived. 

The gift of individual perception is what empowers our individual will to alter these stories and the associations between them. After all, memories are never static. Similar to our experience of waking reality, memories are continually changing and evolving -- along with our vantage point of observation. Memories are like a living play, where all characters are continually altering the script. Memories are our waking reality.

So what is it that keeps us linked to a perception of past -- especially a past that is traumatic? When a traumatic experience happens, the body holds on to the trauma as if it were a problem to be solved. Through continual re-membrance, or reenactment, the body-mind will seek a solution through myriad interactions and points of perspective. Many people can relate to consciously changing a pattern of being as the result of a traumatic event. For example, someone who had a traumatic experience at school might do everything within their power to avoid school; as a parent, that person may do everything within their power to prevent their children from encountering the same traumatic experience. Trauma is one of the ways that humanity has shifted the stories -- the actions and re-actions -- of our ancestors. Observing trauma as a problem to be solved, however, is what empowers its continual feedback loop. Because of the tendency to act defensively or offensively to the expectation of a trauma, that trauma is also kept alive. For this reason, the stories of our ancestors have barely budged. 

These stories paint the continual experience of slavery, for example. For the longest time, humanity has sought a solution for empowerment, through control of the mental body. The mental body is our inherited matrix of stories, actions and re-actions, judgments and perceptions. While the frameworks of our stories have shifted very little to-date, the perception or frequency assigned to each archetypal character within the stories has shifted considerably.                          

The astro-logical chart is a phenomenon of the Piscean Age and is an overlay to the zodiac, or family of constellations itself. Utilizing the imagery of fractal trees, the succession of the "I am" story would be "be-cause." The overlay was logic, both inductive and deductive. Take a look at any western astrological chart and you will see a wheel or clock with twelve houses. The lines which connect planets are our lines of association between archetypal characters. Some of the lines represent an opposition, while others represent geometries such as squares, triangles and more. Each chart and its component parts represent a series of associations within the mind, colored by the geometry which is our perception of the relationship. Within the Piscean Age, humanity would be 'born' into the series of mental associations inherited from the previous lifetime. The associations we are born into are ours to shift and change throughout our lifetime and they are acted out in a script we have already created. When each of the associations are cleared or alchemized, we experience enlightenment. 


When we experience a planetary shift, we are literally moving into a new age of association. In this case, we are transcending duality. When we transcend duality, we are transcending the ability for language alone to serve as a controlling factor in our behavior. Language, or the word, becomes a tool available to us, but not a reality in and of itself. 



the stories we embody



Frequently Asked Questions

What is consciousness? 

Consciousness is our experience of relating. It is the very cords of correlation between self and other that form an intricate web of constellations. When we transcend duality, or judgment, we realize that we are merely walking among myriad versions of ourself. We do not have to like all of them, but it is also unnecessary to fight or attempt to control them. Doing so results in guilt/inauthenticity.

What is beyond consciousness? 

The 'new' energy system is the alignment of body and mind, in every conceivable iteration; it is the understanding that one part cannot take from another. The mind can only push the body so far, until the body's resources are tapped out and dis-ease occurs. It is at this point, that alignment must take place. The mind must align with the body in order to tend to its needs. Instead of utilizing language as an ultimate reality, our focus shifts to envisioning our intended experience.

How do I align my body and mind?

We are all in different stages of aligning our body and mind. The first step in aligning is to accept your feelings - your physical sensations, your emotions and even your pain. The sensation of physical pain in the body is the result of unprocessed emotions. Our bodies store emotions for us over time, until the point in which the energy stored is needed for the purpose of expansion. The experience of releasing emotion is often that, of unraveling an old story. When the old story is released, the energy which was held inside of it can be repurposed for a new story and a new way of being that is aligned with your chosen emotional state, or frequency. 

Why are we transitioning to a new energy system now?

Humanity is in the midst of an evolutionary leap. Evolutionary leaps take place in order to ensure the survival of the species, as survival of any species is contingent upon movement. Once in a while, movement forward requires a leap.


Humanity has existed within myriad frameworks of being, built upon the foundation of separation, or duality. When one belief in duality is demystified within the human brain -- such as with the discovery of quantum physics -- all beliefs laid upon the same geometric foundation become invalidated. As a result of the invalidation process, the beliefs may become visible, or conscious, for the first time. It is at this time, that a new foundation for thought, emotion and action constructs are laid. In other words, we begin to think, feel and act differently. 

Humanity 'broke the code' of duality through a greater degree of convergence between the body and mind. All beliefs built upon duality were held within a particular geometry, and that geometry had a certain capacitance. It is a story, after all. When the maximum capacitance or believability factor is reached, the geometry -- or capacitor holding the belief construct -- explodes. In this case, capacitance is what we might consider emotion, or energy experienced at a particular frequency.

Can we just return to the old financial system, with new incentives? 

No. Anything built upon the old cognitive framework will either collapse or fail to materialize. The reason for this, is that the mind will immediately identify the framework of duality, which is a geometry holding a lower frequency than where humanity is vibrating at present. The intention to trans-form will be lost when run through the prior form; similar to running a marble through the same maze, the outcome is the same.

Can you help me understand the basis for this new system? 

The basis for the new system is as individual as it is collective. It is akin to viewing the world through an entirely new lens. The sensory system of humanity is run through the mind, which is similar to an operating system. All senses are assigned meaning by the mind through an intricate circuitry known as the autonomic nervous system. The wiring of the autonomic nervous system is the framework for the perception of Life. The sympathetic nervous system is our unique, conscious experience of likes and dislikes, preferences and habits. Now imagine, an operating system in which all experiences are filtered through the following structure: I am whole and I am, I. When we are whole, we are so empowered to steward our selves. The focus has shifted to caring for our resources, from mining them into a system of valuation. The shift is an automatic and all-encompassing system of perception; it governs our internal allocation of resources to the same degree as our external allocation of resources.