Allison Pyburn, Founder

Have you ever considered a world of resource sharing, separate from a system of finance? Here is your invitation, to begin. 

At Victoria le Aelius, the focus of any energetic system -- whether individual or collective -- is stewardship to one common value: Life. When we view all of the Earth's vast resources as regenerative by nature, we empower ourselves to consider how we might best live in harmony, with her 

We only live in debt to the Earth when we perpetuate the cycle of thinking that we must extract value, from her, from ourselves, and one another. To your left is a coat rack, you are welcome to hang your jacket there and join me in this world of infinite abundance. 

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My Story

I once heard that enlightenment can be reached through just one yoga posture. In immersion with one thing, we experience every-thing. So it was for me that, deep in the study of asset-backed securitization, I realized some-thing: a pattern in human consciousness which created not only these complex investment vehicles, but a multi-dimensional world of debt built upon a single thought. 

I am separate.

The hu-man experience has perhaps been terrifying, to-date. Has it not? Lifetime after lifetime, we would return to these bodies with promises to repay the debts we perceived in-between lives, only to forget it all the moment we opened our eyes. All the while, our bodies remembered for us. How much trauma could our bodies hold until we reached the point that we could no longer pen an "I owe you" to the deep pain held within?  

For thousands of years humanity would strive to repay all forms of debt. Time and again. All the while the body, the Earth, would foot the bill. Debt is a funny thing. As a fiat currency, it can never be repaid. It can only be seen as unreal. 

I am here to tell you, that every body feels pain. It is only the mind which differentiates the experience of it. If we desire to continue the experience of individuated consciousness, it serves us to re-member that we are a part of a collective whole. There is no one part that could thrive on the back of another's suffering. No one currency which is superior to arbitrage another.

In unity, I am an individual within a collective whole. 


Allison Pyburn is a speaker, consultant and writer focused on the functional structure of the new economy. Prior to founding Victoria Aelius, she was Global Editor-in-Chief of Debtwire ABS, a proprietary news service which provided critical information to stakeholders and decision-makers who sought solutions for falling asset prices and unprecedented debt forgiveness in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Allison studied the global implementation of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policy in the years following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. At The Oregonian, Allison was the first Jim Long Investigative Reporting intern, a position in which she researched the development and enforcement of EPA standards for the land application of sewage sludge. Allison was awarded the internship following a series of investigative reports as a reporter and Editor in Chief of The Daily Barometer, Oregon State University's student newspaper. Allison was the first student journalist to receive the Society of Professional Journalist's First Freedom Award for a series of reports concerning allocation of university funds and was selected to study the Middle East conflict in Israel, Bulgaria and Poland. Allison has studied extensively in Auroville, India and at Sela, in Dalvik, Iceland, where she wrote a series of books on the evolution of human consciousness. Allison is trained in Feminine Power coaching and facilitation, non-dualism and the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Peruvian Shamanism.