Transformation is happening now.


In fact, in the scope of evolution, transformation is inevitable. In my experience, the biggest hurdle to accepting a new reality is pain. Pain existed in areas of my life where I had not reached acceptance of events that happened in the past. Somehow, my desire to change the past kept me in a loop of self-judgment. The more I judged myself, the more pain I felt. Despite many years as a financial journalist, I had somehow missed the fact that British debt is called "gilt." 

When I was interviewing one of the key players in the negotiation of mortgage write-downs in the aftermath of the 2008 'financial crisis,' I asked what he believed the answer was, ultimately, to the boom and bust nature of economic cycles. His answer: "debt jubilee."

This was surprising for me to hear from someone who had traded debts for a living. And it is also inevitable as we move into an entirely new system. At some point we have got to put down the sword and accept a new way of being. I am not sure we have the energy to securitize anything else in order to carry debts forward. Solar panels and windmills will not suffice.


My intention in founding Victoria Le Aelius is to consult with individuals and groups, in order to create a plan of alignment to the new economic system that is present for us now.

What does this look like?

Business leaders:

Your businesses are set up to serve a dualistic system of upfront gains fueled by production. We are transitioning to a trinity-based system of qualified gains. The gains are qualified by the benefit to Life. In practical terms, the benefit to Life is calculated in alignment to a system such as Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of need. Let's say there is a business created for a water bottling system in the California desert. This company would state in the 'going concern' footnotes that the system could run out of water one day, or that environmental policy could change. Consider that environmental policy includes everything from availability of plastics to supply chain logistics, both of which are contingent upon petroleum. In the old system, such revelations could crash a company or economy altogether. In the trinity system, the environmental cost would be calculated upfront and if the cost is greater than the value, the business would not be energetically supported. In this way, the intrinsic value is Life, and that which supports life, is value. 


In the trinity system, a water bottling business would be assessed from start-to-finish. For example, what are the benefits to humanity and the earth in bottling water? What are the costs? Finally, is the net result positive? If the intention is to provide clean water to humanity, is bottling and shipping the most sustainable method? You might be able to see from this example that the benefit in this way is the health and well-being of humanity and the planet, as opposed to the attainment of upfront profit. The three parts of a trinity system are intention, action and mana itself. Intention is the inspiration to create, action is the fulfillment of the intention and mana is the intrinsic value. Mana, is Life, which is embodied by humanity and the earth. Mana is our currency. In this way, we do not need to worry about how to make it, we are merely focused on caring for it.

So, how do you run a business in a manner that aligns within a trinity system? How do you attract and retain employees? How is your business aligned to the new value system we are operating within? Every plan I create begins with the discovery or reaffirmation of the intention you hold for the business. Schedule a consultation.


As individuals, we have been just as entrained as businesses to utilize our selves in order to achieve upfront gain, only to realize accrued losses like dis-ease and depression. Often we are so focused on who we need to be in order to fulfill a particular role, that we lose touch with who we actually desire to be. We forget the things that bring us joy. Individualized plans are centered on clearing the roadblocks present in your life in order to get you back to joy and gratitude. Schedule a consultation.