Our stories are our lineage and our presence is our ability to edit our stories as we see fit. Like keys on a piano, our genetic heritage is ours to play. 

We not only inherit the conceptual reality we accept as truth, we also inherit the unprocessed emotions and state of the Earth upon which we dwell. Unprocessed emotions, waste, accrued liabilities, are passed from lifetime to lifetime in replica pattern perceived from myriad points of perspective. Each point of perspective is the experience of a lifetime or embodiment within the zodiac system. Unprocessed emotions are held as heavy metals in the body and the pattern or framework which holds them in place, are our beliefs. When beliefs are perceived through the lens of duality, systems such as cause and effect or karma are experienced as reality.


As a result, the human psyche would attempt to 'solve' the experience of separation, guilt or sin through a multi-dimensional framework of debts and credits. In-between lives or physical embodiment, participants in this experience would anticipate judgment in the form of a life review followed by a re-allocation of perceived debts and credits to be experienced in the subsequent life. This is how certain events are planned, or fated, ahead of time, and this is why 'bad things' happen to 'good people.' When trauma is transmuted or forgiven, the heavy metal which once held the frequency of pain is alchemized into light within the body. If the trauma is merely compounded through additional pain in the experience of judgment, the heavy metal holding the initial trauma grows in density; this is akin to the experience of nuclear fusion or fission. Trauma can never be cleared through balance, it can only be cleared in its release. In other words, it cannot be solved; it can only be dis-solved through awareness. We are empowered to release trauma at any time.

The more trauma we release, the more empowered we become to steward our lives as creators, from the now moment. We realize that there is no power outside of self and that truth cannot be found in language nor can justice be achieved in any form of judgment. We realize that the only truth is creation itself. We begin to create a system of living on earth which exists outside of Plato's cave and aligns with these greater truths.

So what does that look like?

Stewardship: What does stewardship look and feel like? I tend to return to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs time and again for guidance on how I am caring for the needs of my physical body -- and those of my children. When we consider an economic system, or the manner in which we are allocating energy in our lives, we can gage its benefit to us rather simply.


We are at the point now where fundamental, physiological needs, will result in a new economic structure. Two of the basic tenants of this new structure are decentralization and sovereignty.


Decentralization will occur in stages and in all iterations and is likely to be occur on the heels of an economic reset. Initially, decentralization will take place as a means to meet physiological needs of food, water and shelter. Due to trade in-balance, it will no longer make sense to transport food and water across long distances. Moreover, failures of the prior system to serve basic physiological needs will result in the desire for local utilization of resources. The utilization of energy as well, will become decentralized. 

It would be a distinct impossibility for every human being to utilize energy in the same manner and receive an optimal outcome. Put another way, we each have a unique way of meeting our needs. Years of existing within the perception of centralized control will further compel decentralized lifestyles held within community groups.