The Shift of Ages: How does it work?

Humanity lives within a series of stories, beginning with One and ending with one, forever altered. I was laying outside with my children recently and both were describing the lines that connected the stars. Like a modern astro-logical birth chart, the lines that connect the stars we see in the sky are correlations in the mind. The lines are filaments of light -- or electrical charges -- which connect the archetypes and specific characters which paint our experience of reality. 

As with the human brain, these lines of association are etched into the DNA of the cosmos. The lines of association are created through the experience of Life, translated into story and held within cellular memory. Deep within the cellular memory of the universe (one verse) in which we live is the emergence of "I," or the virgin birth of individuation. The subsequent experience of "I Am" is the lamb of God, or the experience of individuated consciousness within form. As with branches of a tree, all stories emerge from the One story of creation. Creation itself is the fusion of ionized particles -- individuated will -- with form. The entire sequence of stories held within the cosmos is contained within human DNA. Every human, as an individual creator, is expressing a part of this grand universal tapestry through a unique perspective. Moreover, every human is empowered to weave a new narrative through the gift of perception and new action.  

Given all of this free will to create our own narratives, why does it seem as though we live within one? The shortest answer to this question, is that we are literally re-writing the stories of our ancestors. We live within the stories of our ancestors until we are enlightened to them. When we are enlightened to them, we are empowered to change them. In daily life, the best example of this scenario is when one suddenly questions a pattern of being, like compulsory schooling or driving hours per day in order to sit in an office. One might wonder, "why am I doing this, again?" The answer is something like, "this is what we've always done." When we begin to question long-held narratives once accepted as truths, we are empowered to change them. Changing these patterns of being not only re-wires our brains, but the collective consciousness of the cosmos. You see, there is no-thing which has power over you. 

The Shift of Ages occurs when an entirely new perspective is necessary in order for humanity and the earth to survive. This is the evolutionary leap. A new story is created, or re-membered. We are shifting, from production and (perceived) death, into repurposing and stewardship. Conceptually, this is the movement into the Aquarian Age from the Piscean Age. It is the remembrance that we are the currency we seek.

Piscean Age

The best way I can describe the Piscean Age to you at this moment, is to draw a parallel to the experience of growing up. For many of us, the experience of being a child is one of growing up in a household with one or more authority figures. These are often, but not always, our mother and father. If you were anything like me, you spent much of your childhood daydreaming about what your life would be like once you were “on your own.” Your resources to create with money were limited, at least until a certain age. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have an allowance. There were a set of rules in place to which you needed to adhere, or else face consequences. You may not have liked those consequences. You were a participant in a culture which you were born into. Possibly, you were surrounded by family members that did not share the same beliefs, desires, wishes and boundaries that you did. Perhaps, you had little choice but to attend a school that you particularly did not enjoy. I am not painting the most appealing family portrait here, I do realize that. Though, what I am trying to convey is quite simplistic — it is that, as a child in such circumstances, our experience was one in which we had little control over our surroundings and our situation in life.


Now, the Manifest Destiny of the hu-man experience, is ultimate control over our experience. It is, to receive the keys to our own cars and to learn how to drive them. Without slamming into others … deliberately or otherwise. You see, when I talk about learning to control our experience — I am not talking about controlling others. What I am referring to, is mastering our inner world so that we create the experience which is our greatest fulfillment, in our outer world. It is, to “live your best life.” 


Now you may begin to conceptualize how a “one size fits all” approach to certain things such as governance, the ebb and flow of monetary supply, career archetypes and more may not suit those who desire to peek out over that nest and spread their wings into a whole new experience. And why shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to live the life of their dreams?


Questions emerge such as: Why is it that we have been living in a manner which would seek to bind all living beings to it? Why wouldn’t we already be living in a way that allows others to live upon this Earth in the manner which they desire? Why should the Earth belong to anyone?