It was traumatic ...

Why on earth would I study the global financial system in great detail? It was like something I could not let go of, this story. I felt so much pain. I felt like I had been lied to and that innocent -- unknowing -- people were being harmed by a system that seemed to gobble up everything in its path and spit it out as waste. Colon-ization. 


In my search for the truth my body stopped digesting. No matter what I ate, I woke up thinner. One night in the middle of a dream I was pulled from my body. It felt like I was in a washing machine. My children were sleeping down the hall and I asked to come back. I returned to the dream and then to my bedroom. 

Who am I? 

A few months. later I was laying in White Salmon, Washington, in a deep hypnosis. I was watching the first baby being born. "What are you feeling," my practitioner asked. "Relieved," I said. "It worked."